Montserrat has had various modes of access since it lost Bramble’s Airport to a pyroclastic flow in 1997.  Helicopter and ferry were in daily use right up to 2005 when the new Airport at Geralds was opened. The most common route for travelers outside of the region is to fly to the nearest international airport situated on our neighbouring island, Antigua, then take a pleasant 20 minute flight by an ‘island hopper’ plane directly to Montserrat.

Scheduled Flights from Antigua to Montserrat

Fly Montserratf
P.O. Box 225
Montserrat BWI
Tel: (664) 491-3434
Mob: (664) 493-5689


SVG Airline


Monair (in Montserrat)
Tel: (664) 491 4200


Express Handlers (in Antigua)
Tel: (268) 562 7183


SVG’s Head Office
St. Vincent
Tel: (784) 457 5124


Twin Island Ferry

A ferry service is again available.  Introduced in December 2009, this service provides connections between Antigua and Montserrat.  Up to date information on prices and schedule can be found on the web site of the Montserrat Tourist Board.


Ferry Service between Antigua and Montserrat


For the Period November 1 – 30 2013

The normal fares for the ferry service are EC$300 return (EC$150 one way) for adults and EC$150 return for children under 12 years.  For furtherinformation on the ferry service contact Mr. Roosevelt Jemmotte at 664 496 9912 in Montserrat and Mrs. Jennifer Burke in Antigua at 268 778 9786. No advance ticketing is required, as travellers can purchase their tickets upon check-in. However, to facilitate ticketing, check-in and other clearances at the point of sale at the ports, passengers are asked to check-in 90 minutes in advance when travelling from Antigua and 60 minutes before the scheduled time for departure from Montserrat.Ferry operates from Byson’s Pier, Heritage Quay, St. John’s, Antigua  NB. Schedule is subject to safe  sea conditions. *MNI = Montserrat        *ANU = Antigua

Persons desirous of traveling to Montserrat from St. Kitts and Nevis are asked to note the following:

M.V. Caribe Surf departs for Montserrat every Wednesday morning and returns every Thursday evening.

Contact: Captain Prince Mills on Tel: 1-(869)-662-3258 or email:

Persons in Nevis can be collected from the Nevis Pier.

M.V. Caribe Queen presently departs for Montserrat every Friday morning and returns to Nevis on Saturday evening and also departs Nevis on Monday morning returning to Nevis on Monday evening

Contact: Captain Rawle Richards on Tel.: 1-(869)-662-9811

Full Travel Details

The Montserrat Tourist Board’s web site provides more detailed information on travelling to Montserrat.