2013 Alliouagana Festival of the Word


Evoking or Writing from a Sense of Place Workshop with Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in writing triggered by the festival themes, and to discuss the power of writing that begins with a sense of place.


Your Health is Your Wealth: Return to Nature and Heal Thyself

Workshop with Maureen Greer Lee Harrigan

During this Workshop, Maureen will share information on natural approaches for promoting wholistic and healthy living.  She will discuss the medicinal properties of the plants around us and our rich history and culture of traditional plant use.

It Is Time For Us To Shine! Workshop with Rosemary Parkinson

A pictorial roller-coaster ride through the cuisine of the islands.  The foods and cuisine of the Caribbean have too oft remained well-kept secrets within the bosom of our people. The book Culinaria: Caribbean (1999) opened our doors and showed the world what we had to offer. Now we have to be proud of these offerings. Now we have to shout it loud. Food tourism is big, bigger than what we have ever imagined. Food history for us is important in order to capture Food Tourism. Food is where our future lies. Food is what I love to talk about.


Calypso Workshop with Dorbrene O’Marde

This workshop is intended to deepen the appreciation of the Calypso art form and improve understanding of the various aspects of the criteria for judging.  It starts with a discussion of the history and origins of music and the society in which it evolved.  Then looks at the changes and development in Calypso music over the years and their impact on the purpose and structure of the Calypso and the role of the artist.  Presents the elements of calypso including lyrics, music and performance and the perception and process of evaluation or judging.


Coral Cay Conservation (CCC) Workshops

Marine Themed Art Mural - We will be creating a larger than life wall sized piece of community artwork showcasing the natural environment and heritage of Montserrat. The piece will explore the biodiversity from the ridges of the Centre Hills to the underwater realms of the reefs. We encourage everyone to come and make their mark on the mural!

Edible Coral Workshop – Ever wondered what a coral is? How it grows and how they form a reef? Come and take part in CCC’s polyp workshop where we will be exploring corals and making edible models of the polyps themselves!

SCUBA Dunk Tank – Come and find out what it’s like to breath and see underwater! CCC’s SCUBA instructor will be on hand to talk about SCUBA gear and scientific surveying. We invite you to come and have a go – no swimming required!

Endemic Species and Conservation on Montserrat – What makes the biodiversity of our island so special? Come and take part in a workshop presenting the endemic and rare species of Montserrat and explore the scientific survey methods used to monitor, discover and protect the ecosystems they are part of.

Under the Sea Puppet Show – Come and watch the story of some of the creatures of the reef and discover the threats and conservation issues surrounding marine life.